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Enticing Tasty Treats

Food for Thought

by Parisa Ambwani

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Enticing Tasty Treats

Enjoy more than 150 Homemade Priceless Recipes
"Kid-Loving" Snacks

Parents and Kids Culinary

Parents' insatiable love for their children should not only be for their social activity, but more important is nourishing their young bodies and teaching them good eating habits. As we know, some food can be unsafe or unhealthy and cause problems in adulthood. Overall, the goal is for our children to arrive at maturity with a wholesome body and mind (wellbeing).

Enticing Tasty Treats, my latest book is made up of easy recipes for parents and kids. Children can learn to cook with their parents close supervision. Let your children organize ingredients as they prepare a favorite dish while practicing food safety and time management. They can use math skills as they adjust recipes and measure ingredients. You will give your children a sense of pride and accomplishment by letting them make choices, helping them experience other cultural foods, and encouraging their interest in food preparation and eating well.

Enticing Tasty Treats (parents and children cookbook) is designed to strengthen the health of children and their parents physically, mentally, and emotionally (nourishing connection from nutritional wellness to spiritual goodness) for superb living. That is why I've been passionate about inspiring wholesome food thoughts, included in all of my books for nearly 30 years.

This book is a PRECIOUS GIFT for couples as they become valuable parents and grandparents for future generations.

We wish to preserve the freshness and flavor of our organic ancestral cooking for the greatest health benefits, FOOD FOR LIFE.


Lettuce Rolls



1 large butternut lettuce leaf, clean
2 green basil leaves (Asian basil leaf is preferable)
4 ounces thin rice noodles (cooked in boiling water for 2 mintues), divided
2 slices of cucumber, thinly cut
2 slices of carrot, shredded
2 ounces sprouted (mung) beans
2 pieces of (cooked shrimp, or fish, or chicken), OR cheese

Arrange soft butternut lettuce leaf on working wooden board, cup-side up. Pile and layer each ingredient in the center: Basil, 2 ounces rice noodles, cucumber, carrot, sprouted beans, remaining rice noodles, and shrimp. Fold the lettuce sides over the filling. Place seam side down on plate and serve with soy-sauce dip (optional).


Book Information on Enticing Tasty Treats

  • Publication date: 8/31/14
  • Print: Hardcover 8x9 inches size, and 224 pages (including 32 beautiful photos)
  • Over 45 drawings by young children
  • Over 150 International recipes, including "Smart Snacks",
    encouraging family to serve their children more fruits and vegetables
  • Tips and glossary: 18 pages
  • Reading level: For children ages 6 and up and their family
  • Print: in U.S. English, with quality paper, and priced $32.95 US and $52.95 Canada
  • Will be available at: Read Booksellers, 3630 Blackhawk Plaza Circle, Danville, CA 94506,
    Tel: 925-736-9090
  • You can buy this book at the San Ramon Whole Foods Market in California, found
    at 100 Sunset Drive, San Ramon, CA 94583, Tel: 925 335-9000
(Banana, Strawberries, Goji Berries and Almond Slivers, Etc.)



Enlightened Home-Chef Recipes From the Millennia Recipes From the Heart Enticing Tasty Treats Seeds of Celestial Love and Peace Human-Unity (Humanity) About Author and Books Culinary Arts and Philosophy Intertwined Tips for Vibrant Health Eggplant Vegetable Dish

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